Account and Billing

Account and Billing

Find answers to common account and billing questions.

Vendor setup documents

Request billing details.

Upgrade or add licenses to your Smartsheet plan

How you upgrade, add licenses, or request add-ons will depend on your plan type.

Review or Change Account, Plan, or Billing Info

Upgrade or change your plan, change your payment information, and view receipts and history.

Smartsheet Billing FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about billing and finance.

Accepted payment types and currencies

You can pay for your Smartsheet subscription in any of the following ways: Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (we also accept payment through ...

How to cancel a Smartsheet account

You have different options to cancel your Smartsheet account, and how you can do it will depend on your plan type and how you pay for tha

Manage licenses when transferring items

This article is only for the Legacy Collaborator Model. Not sure which model your plan uses?...

State Sales Tax FAQ

Details about tax information by state.

Account name or designated main contact

The main contact and account name allow you to verify account ownership or manage account access with Smartsheet.

Leave your current Smartsheet account 

If you're a non-paid user, you'll be immediately removed from the organization....

FAQ: Smartsheet free trial

During your trial subscription, you receive a message prompting you to upgrade your plan, along with the number of days remaining in your trial period...

Discontinued Smartsheet plans

Occasionally, Smartsheet plan offerings will change. This article lists plans that are no longer available for purchase....

What to do if your account is suspended

Trying to access your account but you got a message saying your account is suspended? This article is for you.

How to downgrade your In-App/BTIA account

If you pay your account via Credit Card, PayPal, or BTIA, you're responsible for making the changes in the app....

Downgrade, remove licenses, or discontinue an add-on or other product

This article discusses information relevant to both the Legacy Collaborator Model and the User Subscription Model....

Smartsheet and your privacy

Smartsheet is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all of our customers.

Smartsheet and HIPAA

This help article is intended to help security officers, compliance officers, IT administrators, and