Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

  • Owner
  • System Admin


Upgrade or add licenses to your Smartsheet plan

How you upgrade, add licenses, or request add-ons will depend on your plan type. 

Find your plan and user type.


  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


  • Owner
  • System Admin


This article discusses information relevant to both the Legacy Collaborator Model and the User Subscription Model. Not sure which model your plan uses? Ask a System Admin if there’s a Manage true-up page in Admin Center. If there is, your plan uses the User Subscription Model. See the User Subscription Model overview article for more information.

Upgrade an Enterprise plan

To increase the number of licenses (Legacy Collaborator Model) or Member designations associated with your plan or to purchase additional products or add-ons, submit your request through the Add Licenses form on the Smartsheet website. Your account manager will contact you. 

Request Upgrade for Enterprise Plan

Get a Premium Support Package for an Enterprise plan

Enterprise plans include the Standard Support Package. To upgrade to the Premium Support Package, contact your Sales Representative.

Upgrade a Trial, Pro, or Business plan

Request a Smartsheet Add-on, license, or Member increase in a Trial, Pro, or Business plan.

  1. On the Navigation Bar on the left of the screen, select Account Icon > Plan & Billing Info.
  2. Do one of the following to display the Change Your Plan window:

    If you are a trial subscriber, select Upgrade My Account.
    If you are an existing subscriber, select Upgrade or Add Licenses/Change Plan.
  3. Select the option for the plan that you want to upgrade to, and then select your payment term.
  4. To pay with a credit card, select Add Card to display the secured Credit Card screen. Enter your credit card information.
  5. Select Purchase.

If you don't see the options described here, it's likely that your account is a Bill To or Invoice account. Fill out Request a Smartsheet Add-on or license increase form. 

Get a Standard Support Package or Premium Support Package for a Business plan

If you have a Business plan, you can upgrade it to include the Standard Support Package or Premium Support Package. 

To upgrade to the Premium Support Package: 

  • Contact your Sales Representative.

You must be billed on an annual basis.

To upgrade to the Standard Support Package, navigate to Add Licenses/Upgrade in your user menu. Here you can choose to upgrade to a Business or Enterprise account. If you choose Business, select Next: Edit plan details

Here you can change the total number of licenses (Legacy Collaborator Model) or Members (User Subscription Model), select monthly or yearly billing, and add a Standard Support Package. 

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