State Sales Tax FAQ

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Smartsheet is required to collect sales tax from customers located in specific states. In order to properly comply with these requirements, we're required to collect billing address information from our customers.

For more information on sales tax for specific states, please contact the state’s Department of Revenue.

Which states are subject to tax?

At this time, Smartsheet is only required to collect sales tax from customers located in the following states:

District of Columbia
New Mexico
New York
West Virginia

Other states may be added in the future.

How is customer location determined?

Customer location, and subsequently the sales tax rate, is determined by your shipping address.

I don’t reside in a state that requires Smartsheet to collect sales tax. Why do I need to provide my address?

In order to properly comply with tax reporting requirements, we must have address information for all of our customers. New customers will be asked to supply their address information at time of purchase.

What are the applicable sales tax rates?

Smartsheet is integrated to a third-party tax calculation service provider. Your tax amount is provided separately from the total price so that you may verify your rate. If you have any questions about a transaction or the tax charged, please contact our Finance Department. 

Will my past transactions be taxed?

 Past transaction will be taxed if it is discovered that the transaction should have been taxed.

We're a non-profit, do we still have to pay sales tax?

We're required to collect sales tax from all customers located in states that require it, including non-profit companies and government agencies. If you are exempt from state sales tax, please provide applicable documentation using this webform. We are required to have official documentation for our records if we do not charge sales tax.