Downgrade, remove licenses, or discontinue an add-on or other product

You can:

  • Downgrade to a different plan type
    • For example: Change from an Enterprise Plan to a Business Plan (*Important: Current customers can not downgrade to our Pro Plan as the Pro Plan was designed for new customers and is not backward compatible with current sheets and data.)
  • Remove licenses from your account
  • Discontinue an add-on to your product 
    • For example: You want to remove the Control Center and the Calendar App from your account.

To downgrade to a different plan type, remove licenses, or discontinue an add-on or other product: 

  1. Select the Request a downgrade button.
  2. Then fill out the form. 

Request a Downgrade

Want to know more about the features available in each plan? Check out the Pricing page.

Other things you must know

  • Per our user agreement, Downgrade requests must be made at least 30 days prior to renewal of your current term.
  • Prorated refunds are not offered for canceled accounts. For more details about cancellation terms, refer to the Smartsheet User Agreement.
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