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Request Vendor Onboarding Documents and Payment Details


  • Smartsheet

Smartsheet maintains its own internal policies for its employees and does not agree to or complete customer-specific policies or documents. With over 90,000 customers, Smartsheet cannot agree to customer-specific items. We maintain compliance with laws applicable to us as a US-based service provider. In lieu of filling out your documents, we are able to provide a comprehensive Customer Welcome Packet.

What the Customer Welcome Packet contains

The packet contains all of the information you need to add Smartsheet as a vendor in your system including:

  • Payment details
  • Most recent W-9
  • Confirmation of banking details from our bank 

Request a Customer Welcome Packet

To obtain a Customer Welcome Packet, visit the Get Help with a Billing or Account Request form, and select Request vendor onboarding documents under Which category best describes your reason for contacting us? 

We’ll provide you with the Customer Welcome Packet as soon as we are able to verify that you (the requestor or company) are a new or existing Smartsheet customer.

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