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Who can use this capability

For an Individual plan you must be the licensed owner of the account.

For a Business or Enterprise plan you must be a System Admin.

Review or change account, plan, or billing info

Smartsheet allows you to review or change your account, plan or billing information. 


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  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


For an Individual plan you must be the licensed owner of the account.

For a Business or Enterprise plan you must be a System Admin.

Your role on your Smartsheet account determines what account management features you can access. If you can't make the changes you want, check who owns the account, and contact them . 

  • Select Account > Plan & Billing Info > Account Details to find your primary account owner (it is the name or email under Main Contact)

Change payment information

 On the left Navigation Bar, select Account  > Account Admin > Plan & Billing info

  1. Select Edit Billing Address & Payment Details
  2. In the Edit Your Payment Information dialog, complete the necessary steps.
    • Update Your Credit Card Info: Select Edit Card. Enter your new credit card number and billing address, and select Save.
    • Update Invoice Billing Info: Enter your updated billing information and select Save.
    • Update Your Payment Method: Choose the payment method you would like to use. Update your payment method, and then select Save.

Before you change your payment method from credit card to invoicing, download all previous receipts for record-keeping.

Additional payment changes

You can update your payment information from the Plan & Billing Info screen, but you will need to contact the billing team if you want to:

  • Change your payment method (for example, from credit card to invoice)
  • Change your payment currency
  • Change the PayPal account associated with your Smartsheet account  

View and download receipts and history

Your billing history includes: payment dates, amounts and receipt copies.

If you pay via invoice, contact Smartsheet billing support to request copies of past receipts.

For any other payment methods, follow these steps: 

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account > Plan & Billing Info.
  2. Select View Receipts & History
  3. Optional: To choose between downloading a receipt and an invoice, or adding additional details to your receipt, select Add additional details to your receipt.
  4. To download a PDF of a receipt or invoice, select the receipt or invoice name in the Receipt column.

Change the account name

  1. Go to the left Navigation Bar, select Account > Account Details > Edit Account Details
  2. Change the Account Name field

Change your tax information

The primary address is the physical address associated with the account. This is used to calculate the appropriate taxes.
Your physical address doesn’t have to be the same as your billing address.

If you are a non-U.S. customer, you should also provide Smartsheet with your Value Add Tax (VAT) ID or your Goods and Services Tax (GST) ID. This ensures you receive the proper tax treatment. The ID number also appears on any invoices you receive from Smartsheet.

To provide your VAT or GST:

  1. In the lower-left corner, select your account icon and then select Account Admin.
  2. On the Account Details tab, select the Edit Account Details button.
  3. Enter the account's primary physical address. You must do this before providing any additional tax information.
  4. Select Yes for Is your business registered for VAT / GST? 
  5. Enter your VAT or GST identification number and then select Save.

Add licenses

Only Pro and Business plan users who pay with a credit card or PayPal can add licenses. 

  • On the left Navigation Bar, select Account > Plan & Billing InfoAdd Licenses/Change Plan

Direct billing customers can add licenses, but your account must meet the following criteria:

  • You didn’t purchase Smartsheet through a reseller.
  • Your account doesn’t have special pricing (tiered prices, block pricing).
  • Your account isn’t set up as True Up.
  • Your account is more than 45 days away from the next renewal date.

For more information see: 

Still have questions? Contact Smartsheet Billing Support.

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