Review or change account, plan, or billing info

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

For an Individual plan you must be the licensed owner of the account.

For a Business or Enterprise plan you must be a System Admin.

In the Plan & Billing Info tab of the Account Administration dialog, review and manage your account. 

To upgrade or downgrade your plan, add licenses, or request an add-on or other product, refer to the following help articles:

Change payment information

Before you change payment method from Credit Card to Invoicing 

Download all previous receipts for record keeping. Note that these will no longer be accessible when your account is switched to Invoicing.

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select AccountAccount Admin > Plan & Billing Info
  2. Select Edit Address & Payment Info
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    • Update Your Credit Card Info: If you pay with a credit card and you need to update the details or change to another credit card
    • Update Invoice Billing Info: If you want to update your billing information on your invoice 
    • Change Your Payment Method: If you want to change your payment method
  4. In the Edit Your Payment Information dialog, complete the necessary steps.
    • Update Your Credit Card Info: Select Edit Card. Enter your new credit card number and billing address, and then select Save.
    • Update Invoice Billing Info: Enter your updated billing information, and then select Save.
    • Update Your Payment Method: Choose the payment method you would like to use. Update your payment method, and then select Save.

Change your payment information (PayPal)

Contact the Billing team if you pay with PayPal and: 

  • You need to change the payment method to a different PayPal account, or 
  • You want to switch from paying with a credit card to paying with a PayPal account.

View and Download Receipts and History

Your billing history includes your payment dates, payment amounts, and receipt copies.

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account > Account Admin > Plan & Billing Info.
  2. To open the Payment History dialog and check your billing history, select View Receipts & History
  3. Optional: To choose between downloading a receipt and an invoice, or to add additional details to your receipt, select Add additional details to your receipt.
  4. To download a PDF of a receipt or invoice, in the Receipt column, select the receipt or invoice name.

To change the account name listed on the receipt, close the Payment History dialog. Then, select the current account name listed next to Account Administration.