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Manage subscriptions and licences when transferring items


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You’ll need two types of users to effectively manage your account:

  • A SysAdmin to manage users
  • A billing contact

They can both be the same person, though it’s useful to have more than one Sys Admin, especially when you’re changing roles for your team. 

You can not transfer a Smartsheet account, but you can change user roles, contact information, or billing information for that account.

You can also remove a licence from a user. When you remove a license, you’ll decide if you want to transfer the items owned by that user or remove them without transferring the items. 

Assigning licenses to users when you transfer items

If you have not reached the license limit in your plan, you can assign a license to your target user then transfer all owned items to them upon deletion of the user that they are replacing. If you’ve reached your license limit, then you’ll need to free up a license to complete the transfer:

  1. Log in to Smartsheet Admin Center as a System Admin, select the account icon on the lower left corner of the page, then select User Management.
  2. To open the Edit User panel, select the licensed user whose access you want to transfer, and toggle the Licensed User switch to off. 
  3. In the Transfer Ownership and Remove License window, select Remove without transferring items. This will free up the license so that it can be reassigned.
    All of the user's owned sheets will become temporarily locked in a read-only state until they're transferred to the new user. Also, if the user was a Group Admin, you will have to transfer their owned groups to an active Group Admin or System Admin. This will not affect any sharing access at the group level. 
  4. If the new user has already been added to your plan as a free user, assign them a license. If they have not been added to your plan yet, select Add User at the top left of the User Management page to send them an invitation with the Licensed User role.
  5. When the new user accepts the invitation, their Member Status in User Management will change from Invited to Accepted.
  6. Once the new user has accepted the invitation, find the previous user in User Management and open the Edit User panel. Select the three-dot menu icon at the upper right to Transfer Owned Items. Once the items are transferred to the new user, the sheets that were read-only in step 2 will be reactivated.
    Only item ownership is transferred. Sheets owned by other users and shared with the previous user will need to be re-shared with the new user. 

Sheets in the previous user’s sheets directory will be placed in a Transferred from (username) folder in the new owner's Browse directory (accessible from the left panel). Sheets in workspaces will remain in established workspaces. All sheets retain their sharing permissions and sheet data. The previous owner can now be removed from sharing.

If the previous user owns sheets in a workspace that is owned by someone else, and the target owner is not the Owner or an Admin of the workspace, then the sheets will be moved to the Transferred from (username) folder in the new owner's Sheets directory. The sharing permissions from the workspace will be retained at the sheet level, but the sheets will no longer be in the workspace.

Optionally, you can remove the user whose access was transferred from the account. For information about how to do this, see Admin Center Overview.



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