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You must be a System Admin to change the account name or main contact for an account.

Change the account name or designated main contact for your plan


  • Smartsheet


You must be a System Admin to change the account name or main contact for an account.

IF YOU ARE A BILL-TO-CUSTOMER, CLICK HERE. If not, follow the steps below. 

There are two important details when you need to verify account ownership or manage account access with Smartsheet: 

  • Main contact 
  • Account name

The main contact of a Business Plan or Enterprise Plan is typically the System Admin (SysAdmin) who purchased the subscription. If the main contact ever leaves the company or no longer wishes to maintain the designation, you should designate a new main contact for the account.

You'll see the account name: 

  • On receipts of payment made to Smartsheet 
  • In email messages inviting users to the account, and 
  • In the Account Administration form
  • Other places where the account name appears

To change the account name or designate a new main contact

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account
  2. Select Plan & Billing Info.
  3. In the Account Administration form, select the Account Details tab.
  4. Select Edit Account Details
    A screenshot of the Account Details tab in the Account Administration form
  5. Input your changes.
  6. Select Save.

After an additional SysAdmin has joined the account, you can designate them as the main contact.

The main contact can be anyone with SysAdmin access to the account. If there is only one SysAdmin on the account, the dropdown arrow for Main Contact won't be available. It's recommended to have more than one SysAdmin on an account. For instructions on how to do this, review the Admin Center Overview article.

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