Custom Branding

Smartsheet allows you to add logos and set color themes for a customized look. Branding can be applied to your entire account, or individual workspaces.

Custom Branding in Smartsheet

Learn how you can personalize the look and feel of your sheets and workspaces with colors and logos. You can feature your company logo, or a partner or client's logo on sheets or workspaces you share with them.

Choose from a collection of preset color schemes or design one of your own.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up custom branding.

Create and Brand Your Workspace

To share multiple Smartsheet items at the same time, use a workspace.  For example, you can avoid having to share sheets, reports, and Sights individually by placing them in a workspace that is shared to a specific department at your organization.

To create a new workspace:

  1. Click the Home tab.
  2. Click the Create New button in the left sidebar and select Workspace.

    New Workspace
  3. Enter a name for the workspace and then click OK.

The new workspace appears in the Workspaces section in the left sidebar of the Home tab.

Workspace Sharing

The level of access people have to items in a workspace is controlled by their sharing permission levels. To learn more about sharing a workspace, please see Workspace Sharing and Adding Sheets to a Workspace.

Workspace Options and Properties

Find more options for a workspace by right-clicking on the workspace in the left sidebar.

Select Properties to see more information and obtain a secure link to a work

Workspace Properties

Apply Colors and Logo Branding to Your Workspace

When you create a workspace, it will inherit the color settings and logo (details on these in the Color and Logo article) in your account at the time.

As long as you're the workspace Owner, or have Admin-level sharing permissions to the workspace, you can change the colors and logo to brand all items that are in the workspace. Customize the background, task bar color, and the logo that appears in the upper-right corner of items in the workspace.

To apply custom colors and branding to a workspace:

  1. In your Home tab, locate and right-click on the workspace in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Workspace Colors & Logo.
  3. Choose your desired theme or use color codes to set individual color properties.
  4. Click Select to upload your logo image, keeping in mind that Smartsheet may resize it as detailed below.

Supported Image Formats

Compatible file formats include:

  • PNG—All PNGs are supported.
  • GIF—Animated GIFs can be uploaded, but they will not play in the grid. The initial frame will be used as the preview. The animation will play after you double-click the image in the grid.
  • JPG—JPGs in the RGB color space are supported (this includes your camera phone photos). Images in a CMYK color space targeted for print are not supported at this time.

Where Your Logo Appears and How Smartsheet Resizes it

Use the following table as reference for where your logo will be seen and the dimensions that Smartsheet will automatically resize it to.

NOTE: Your logo image file must be in PNG, GIF, or JPEG/JPG formats.

ItemWidth (in pixels)Height (in pixels)
Sheets, reports, workspaces, and Smartsheet Sights™150px26px
Emails from Smartsheet (send row, send sheet, and sharing emails)300px52px
Notifications and Reminders300px52px
PDF Exports300px52px

Tips for Creating a Quality Logo for Use in Smartsheet

Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best results when creating a version of your logo for Smartsheet:

  • Create a version of your logo with the dimensions 300px by 52px. Make sure that your logo still looks clear when scaled down 50% (150px by 26px).
  • If your logo includes text, consider making the text larger and placing beside the logo as opposed to above or below.


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