User Merge

The User Merge feature allows System Administrators on both the Enterprise and Premier Plans to merge users together in order to eliminate duplicate entries and combine two user profiles into one. This is valuable for organizations who have multiple email addresses per employee.

In this topic we will review best practices for utilizing User Merge effectively, including how to navigate and access the User Merge feature, and how to properly structure and upload CSV files to merge multiple Smartsheet users together at the same time.

Admin Center: Combine Accounts with User Merge

With User Merge, you can update email addresses in bulk or merge two user accounts into one. Merging user accounts automatically transfers all sheets, reports, dashboards, workspaces, and sharing information from two accounts into one.

You can use User Merge for the following scenarios:

  • Merge two user accounts in your organization belonging to the same person. One of these two accounts may have been created due to an email change or email domain change.
  • Update the primary email address of users in your organization as long as the email address is not already associated with a user outside your organization. (That is, if an entered email address already exists as its own Smartsheet user account, that user account must be a member of your organization.)
  • Update the email domains of users in your organization. The domain update could be the result of a merger, acquisition, divestiture, branding, or consolidation exercise.

Before you begin

Validate and activate all domains

Before you can use User Merge, you must validate and activate all of the email domains associated with email addresses that you want to merge.

User merge requires domain validation and domain activation, but UAP can be disabled.

If a user account already exists for an entered email address, that user account must be a member of your organization in your User List.

The user account may exist and not be listed in User Management if they were deleted from the account or shared to a sheet. In order to merge this user, you must invite them to your account, and they must accept the invitation to be added to your org as an active member.

For more information about domain validation, see Automatically Add Users to an Enterprise Account with User Auto Provisioning.

Remove premium app roles

If either of the accounts you want to merge have Premium App roles enabled, you must first remove these permissions before you merge the accounts. You can re-assign Premium App roles after the accounts have been merged. For more information about assigning Premium App roles, see: Admin Center: Add, Edit, and Delete Individual Users with User Management

Download and configure the User Merge template

  1. Log in to Admin Center at using your current Smartsheet account credentials.
  2. On the User Management page, select More Actions > Merge Users.

    Merge Users
  3. In the Merge Users window, click Download to download the template file (you'll use this for the merge).Merge Users Download
  4. In the downloaded template, enter the following:
    • In the Current Login Email Address column, enter the email addresses of the corresponding accounts that should be merged and closed.
    • In the Replacement Login Email Address column, enter the primary email addresses of the accounts you want to retain.

      User Merge Email
  5. Save the completed file and retain the CSV format.

It's a good best practice to ensure that the email addresses in each pair belong to the same person.

You can specify up to 500 pairs of email addresses in one file. If you must update more than 500 pairs of email addresses, you'll need to upload additional merge files.

If an entered email address already exists as its own Smartsheet user account, that user account must be a member of your organization.

After the merge, the primary email address of the retained account will be the value in the Replacement Login Email Address column, and the value in the Current Login Email Address column will be retained as an alternate email address on the account. 

Preview and apply the merge

  1. Log in to Admin Center at using your current Smartsheet account credentials.
  2. On the User Management page, select More Actions > Merge Users.
  3. In the Merge Users window, upload the updated file then select Preview Merge.Preview Merge

    Preview Merge will validate the email addresses for possible issues such as invalid email addresses, duplicate entries, unvalidated domains, and more. Entries that are not Ready for Merge will not be applied, and an actionable fix will be shown in the Recommendation column.

    Preview Merge Screen

  4. Select Apply Merge when you are ready.

    You will see a confirmation message indicating the User Merge is in progress.

    Merge Confirmation
  5. When User Merge is complete, the affected users will receive a confirmation email to notify them of the changes.

    You will also receive an email with a link to a report of the User Merge results. User Merge results include the following information:
    • Current Login Email Address is the email address that was merged.
    • Replacement Login Email Address is the email address that was retained.
    • Result shows if the merge was successful for a given user.
    • Metrics to display a count of roles, items owned, items shared, and group memberships for the retained account.

Summary User Merge

That's it, you’ve completed the User Merge.

Items included in a User Merge

Upon completion, the following items are merged into the retained account from the closed account:

  • All sheets, reports, workspaces and dashboards that are shared to or owned by the user.
  • Groups owned by the user
  • Group membership
  • Roles (Licensed User, Group Admin, System Admin, Resource Viewer, etc.)
  • Alternate email addresses
  • Profile information

All other items are excluded from the merge.

Items that are not merged include (but are not not limited to):

  • Automation workflows
  • Contacts
  • Connectors
  • Favorites
  • API tokens* 

*Because API tokens are used for integrations and premium applications such as Control Center and Calendar App, users may need to re-authenticate to use these applications.

Undo User Merge

If you experience issues with User Merge or need to undo the User Merge for any accounts, highlight the rows in the User Merge file that you want to undo, then contact Smartsheet Support. Please attach the User Merge file to the support request.

Smartsheet Support will reach out to you to confirm the request before proceeding with the changes.

A User Merge can only be rolled back if it was completed within the last seven days.

A rollback will not completely return a user account to its original pre-merged state. Only the items that were merged will be restored. Users may need to re-authenticate to premium applications, fix Automated Workflows, or take other action.