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Create a Quality Logo to Brand Your Smartsheet Items


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Achieve the best results when creating a version of your logo for Smartsheet by making sure that your logo follows these guidelines.

Dimensions and Style 

  • Create a version of your logo with the dimensions 300px by 52px. Make sure that your logo still looks clear when scaled down 50% (150px by 26px).
  • If your logo includes text, consider making the text larger and placing beside the logo as opposed to above or below.

    logo example

Supported Image Formats

Compatible file formats include:

  • PNG—All PNGs are supported.
  • GIF—Animated GIFs can be uploaded, but they will not play in the grid. The initial frame will be used as the preview. The animation will play after you double-click the image in the grid.
  • JPG—JPGs in the RGB color space are supported (this includes your camera phone photos).

    NOTE: JPGs in a CMYK color space targeted for print are not supported.

Where Your Logo Appears and How Smartsheet Resizes it

Use the following table as reference for where your logo will be seen and the dimensions that Smartsheet will automatically resize it to.

NOTE: Your logo image file must be in PNG, GIF, or JPEG/JPG formats.

Item Width (in pixels) Height (in pixels)
Sheets, reports, workspaces, and dashboards 150px 26px
Emails from Smartsheet (send row, send sheet, and sharing emails) 300px 52px
Alerts and Reminders 300px 52px
PDF Exports 300px 52px
Printing 300px 52px
Forms 300px 52px
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