Time and expense tracking

Time and expense tracking

Tips to track and analyze time and budget

Track only what you need, make good decision-making easy, and use reports for strategic adjustment.

Time tracking

Use the timesheet

Your Resourcing Administrator sets how you track time in Resource Management; you'll use one of the following ways: 1/2 day tracking: Designed for t...

Track time on day view

If your account uses itemized time tracking, day view allows you to track time for m

Submit time for approval

All licensed users can submit time for approval.

Track time off or leave

Set up an internal project to see your team’s vacation time taken versus how much time off they're allowed to take.

Track non-billable time

Tracking non-billable hours lets you record hours without an impact on the fee budget.

Remove suggested time entries

Suggested hours on timesheets show your team their budget of time for the week; they should try to work a

Confirm or adjust time for other people

You can track time for all licensed users on your account.

Time tracking settings in Resource Management

In Resource Management, you can track time in three different ways. Each option offers different levels of flexibility and detail. 

Select a default time tracking method

Choosing the best method to track time in Resource Management helps get the most out of your projects and provides the reporting detail y

Expense tracking

Track expenses

Reporting expenses helps budget and track project-related hard costs.

Submit expenses for approval

You can submit expenses at any time, though you may want to follow your organization's schedule (daily, weekly, biweekly, etc).

About bill rates

Determining bill rates When you set your bill rates, consider the following: Cost of work: This includes staff salaries and benefits, as well as ov...

Manage multiple currencies

Resource Management captures rates and budgets to provide a tool for measuring how billable hours map to project budgets.

Set up bill rates

Create the default bill rate matrixThe default bill rate applies to everyone in your organization....