Track Time on Day View

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All Time Tracking pages have a Day View where you can track your activities for a specific day. You can navigate to Day View using the “Day” link in the upper right corner of your timesheet.

Track Time Day View

Track Time to Multiple Categories

If your account uses Itemized time tracking, the Day View also allows you to track time to multiple categories for one project. On the Day View, select the "+" icon to the right of your suggested time, and select a pre-defined project or time category. If your account does not have any categories set up, you can add multiple notes and time entries against one project that day by selecting the "+ Add new blank row" option.

Using the Timer

When your account’s Time Tracking setting is either Hours + Minutes or Itemized Time Tracking, you can use a timer to record your daily activities. You can only start a Timer for today and you can only have one Timer running at a time.

To start the Timer:

  • Navigate to the Day View on your timesheet.

  • Hover over the white row beneath the project or phase you want to work on, and click Start Timer.

  • The spinner on the Timer indicates that your time is being recorded.

  • You don’t need to keep this browser window open to keep the Timer running. You can work in other browser tabs or or keep this page minimized as you go about your work.

  • When finished, you can choose to add time to your timesheet or close the Timer without adding the time.

  • If you forget to stop a Timer, close the Timer and estimate the correct number of hours worked.

  • If you try to start a new Timer while another Timer is running, the active Timer will automatically add the tracked time to its project, and the second Timer will start.