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Resourcing Admins can set bill rates. 

Set up bill rates

Bill rate is the rate used to bill your customers. 


  • Resource Management


Resourcing Admins can set bill rates. 

In Account Settings, create roles and disciplines. Then set up the bill rate matrix used each time a new project is created. Bill rates are set when you create a project. Any modifications to bill rates need to be made at the project level. 

When you assign someone to a project, Resource Management sets their bill rate according to the bill rate matrix. Depending on the rules you set up, the bill rate will come from project settings, the person's profile settings, or the rate for that role or discipline. 

Create the default bill rate matrix

The default bill rate applies to everyone in your organization. You can add exceptions for specific roles or disciplines. Roles or disciplines with no set bill rate use the default rate.

  Default Role 1 Role 2
Default Bill Rate    
Discipline 1      
Discipline 2      

To define the bill rate for a role and discipline, enter the bill rate in the field where the two intersect. When the discipline and role are assigned to a person, the system will automatically apply the corresponding bill rate.

  Default Role 1 Role 2
Discipline 1   Bill Rate  
Discipline 2      

If an entire discipline or group of roles uses the same rate, you can specify that by building out only one row or column.

  Default Role 1 Role 2

Rates from the bill rate matrix can be overridden by a rate specified within a person’s profile.

Brandfolder Image
modified bill rate option

Manage bill rate changes

When someone changes a role or bill rate, change their profile settings. Their rates will update on all new projects; existing projects stay the same. 

To change the bill rates for existing projects, modify the bill rate in project settings. You can choose to apply increased rates to the whole project or to specific phases.

Because bill rates are typically tied to contracts, rates are not automatically updated for existing projects when someone is promoted. Resource Management assumes you will still bill them out at the old rate for the remainder of the project.

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