Configure Bill Rates in Account Settings

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Resource Management

Use bill rates to track the monetary amount of both incurred and future scheduled hours. Ultimately the bill rate that’s stored within the project (in project settings), is the rate used for the calculation.

In Account Settings, you can set up the source bill rate matrix that’s used each time a new project is created. Once a project is created, bill rates are established and any modifications to bill rates will need to be made at the Project level. Changes to the source bill rate matrix.

When you assign someone to a project, Resource Management will find the right rate to apply, using the following rules: do not affect existing or past projects

Bill Rate Rules

How to create the default bill rates matrix in Account Settings


The default bill rate is applied to all people in the organization. This is useful when your organization uses a blended rate. You can create exceptions for either specific roles or disciplines by adding them to the matrix of bill rates. Roles or disciplines that do not have a set bill rate will use the default rate.

Bill Rate DefaultTo define the bill rate rate for a role and discipline, fill out the bill rate in the field where the two intersect. When the discipline and role have been assigned to a person, the system will automatically apply the corresponding bill rate.

Bill rate role and discipline

If an entire discipline or group of roles uses the same rate, you can specify that by only building out one row or column

Bill rate same rate across disciplines

Rates from the bill rate matrix can be overridden by a rate specified within a person’s profile.

Bill rate override

Managing Bill Rate Changes

When someone on your team gets promoted or their bill rate changes, change their role or discipline in their Profile Settings. It will change their rates for all projects moving forward. None of your existing projects will be impacted.

If you want to change the bill rates for existing projects, modify their bill rate in each project in the Edit Project settings. You can choose to apply increased rates to the whole project or to specific phases.

For example: Joe’s bill rate increased from $75/hr to $100/hour in February. You can change his rate to $100/hr for the projects he’s currently assigned to, and it will apply the rate to all hours on that project. I can also add this new $100 rate to only the phases that occur after February. This way the first part of the project bills at $75/hr and the second part at $100/hr.

Because bill rates are typically tied to contracts, rates are not automatically updated for existing projects when someone is promoted. Resource Management assumes you will still bill them out at the old rate for the remainder of the project, but pay them more (i.e. make less profit).