Select a Default Time Tracking Method

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Resource Management

Resource Management allows you to track time in a few different ways. Choose a method that works best for most of your projects and provides the reporting detail you need. 

You can mix time tracking; you are simply choosing a default setting for your projects. You can still request your team submit their timesheets according to a project’s requirement. 

To set time tracking for your account:

Go to Settings > Account Settings and scroll down to Incurred Hours and Amounts. 

Track Confirmed and Unconfirmed Past Scheduled Hours

When you track Confirmed and Unconfirmed hours, your focus is on the time you’ve allocated for the work, first. Hours still appear as suggestions on timesheets, and your team may still submit timesheets allowing you to track how they spent their time. But they’re not required to do so for you to track the project. 

The schedule—which you may update as the project progresses—remains your source for information. 

For example, you may allocate 25% of a person’s 40 hour work week to research. That person may only do 6 hours of research, and they may (or may not) report exactly how they used their time. You may find tracking this way useful if most of your projects are flat rate rather than hourly. 

To use this method, select Confirmed hours and unconfirmed past scheduled hours in Account Settings. Incurred time will include both confirmed and unconfirmed hours from timesheets.


If you track confirmed and unconfirmed hours, consider setting the Incurred Period to include past days only. This will ensure incurred time and fees include only historical data.

Track Confirmed Hours


When you track confirmed hours, your team reports all hours worked and submits regular timesheets. 

Hours reported are incurred hours; you can use these hours to calculate how much of your budget you’ve spent. 

Hours assigned on the schedule appear as time entry suggestions on a person’s timesheet; each person can confirm or change their hours when they submit a timesheet. Confirmed hours appear as incurred time or fees under Project Status.

Hours from timesheets show up on Project Status

Time tracking to incurred

If you track confirmed hours, consider setting the Incurred Period to include past days and today. This provides the most up-to-date information about incurred time and fees.

Track Approved Hours Only

Approved hours only treats only those hours that have been through the approval process as incurred. 

Use Approved hours if you’re invoicing clients on an hourly basis, or you need to meet audit compliance requirements. 

Note: Incurred hours does not include future hours, even if they’re approved. Reports will show hours worked, only. 

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