Calculate Incurred Hours and Amounts

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Active Time Tracking



Use incurred time to calculate how much of a project’s budget is used up. With active tracking, when an assignment is made on the schedule, time entry suggestions are made on a person’s time sheet and they can choose to confirm or change these hours. The actual hours tracked on time sheets show up on the Project Status as incurred time or fees.

Hours from timesheets show up on the Project Status

Time tracking to incurred

Passive Time Tracking


When your organization isn’t tracking time, you can still track incurred time by having 10,000ft passively track time based on what was originally scheduled. To set up 10,000ft for passive time tracking, set Incurred hours and amounts to include unconfirmed past scheduled hours.

With this change in your settings, incurred time will include both confirmed and unconfirmed hours from time sheets.

Incurred Period

If your account actively tracks time, consider having the Incurred Period include past days and today. This provides the most up-to-date information about time and fees that have been incurred.

If your account does not actively track time, consider having the Incurred Period include past days only. This will ensure incurred time and fees only include historical data.

Currency and Date Format

By default, the date and currency are formatted for the United States. You can change this to your country in Account Settings.

If you don’t see your location listed in Account Settings, let us know.