Submit Time for Approval

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You can submit hours at any time, but it’s good to follow a schedule that works for your organization (daily, weekly, biweekly, etc).

To Submit Time for Approval

  1. On your personal page, go to Time & Expenses
  2. In Time Tracking, enter changes as needed and click Confirm
  3. At the bottom of the time sheet, click Submit for Approval.


Time tracking confirmed


Using the Approvals Tab

You can review approved, pending approval, and rejected time (and/or expenses) from the Approval tab on your personal profile. 

To review submitted time:

  • On the Approvals tab, click My Time & Expenses

Use filters on the left side bar to see time by: 

  • Time Frame: Use a preset or custom date range. 
  • Type: Switch between time and expenses (if your organization tracks both). 
  • Approval Status: Show approved, rejected, or are pending approval status. 
  • Approver:  Filter items on specific approvers.

Resubmitting Time

You can edit resubmit a timesheet any time before it's approved. 

  • Edit the time entry you’d like to adjust and then click Re-Submit for Approval.

Resubmit for approval