Admin Center: Bulk Actions and More with User Management

With User Management features in the Admin Center, you can add and edit users individually or in bulk. You can also generate various user reports, transfer ownership of items, and revoke access to your account’s shared Smartsheet items from external users.

TIP: With User Management, you can define the roles and user types of people in your account, and you’ll want to assign more than one System Admin to your account just in case the main System Admin isn’t available. For more information about user types, see Account-Level User Types for Multi-User Plans.   

To access User Management, log in to the Admin Center with your Smartsheet credentials at, then select User Management from the menu in the upper left corner.

User Management

Who can use this capability

Permission requirements icon System Admins can log into the Admin Center and access User Management

Plan availability iconThis feature is available to Business, Enterprise, and Premier plan types

Add or Edit Users in Bulk

You can use User Management to add users to your account in bulk. To do this:

  1. Create a CSV file
  2. Title the first three columns of the file First Name, Last Name, and Email
  3. Add the users you wish to import into the CSV file (one user for each row)
  4. In User Management, select More Actions > Import Users…
  5. Upload your CSV file in the drag and drop box
  6. Select the role you wish to apply to these users (License User, Group Admin, Resource Viewer, System Admin). If no role is selected, the users will be added as unlicensed users.

    NOTE: The roles you choose here will be applied to all users that you’re importing. You can edit users in bulk after importing them, or you can create separate CSV files that each contain users with similar roles.
  7. Select Import to invite the users to your account

    Import Users

If you need to make changes to several users at once, you can edit users in bulk. To do this:

  1. In User Management, select More Actions > Bulk Update Permissions…

    The Bulk Update Permissions window appears.

    Bulk Update Permissions

  2. Select Generate User List
  3. In your email inbox, open the email you received and download the CSV file from the link.
  4. In the CSV file, you’ll see all of your users as well as a column for each user role. To grant a role to a user, type TRUE into the cell for that role. To remove a role, type FALSE into the cell for that role.

    NOTE: In order to be a Group Admin or Resource Viewer, the user must be a Licensed User.
  5. Save your updated CSV file and upload it to the drag and drop box on the Bulk Update Permissions window
  6. Select Update to apply the changes

Now that you’ve uploaded the new file, the roles of the users will be updated.

NOTE: This can only be used to modify the roles of users in bulk. It cannot be used to update names, email addresses, groups, or profile information.

Best practice: Be sure to plan the edits you are going to make before doing a bulk edit. If you are changing the licenses of many users in the same way, try grouping those individuals together and apply all the changes at once. If you are adding users, and have multiple license types to add, separate those into different groups based on license type.

More Actions in User Management

In User Management, there are a few more actions you can take by selecting More Actions from the top-left corner.

Use this action

To do this

Generate Reports > User List

Creates a report, sending you an email with the report of all users and their associated roles in your account

Generate Reports > Sheet Access

Creates a report, sending you an email with the report of all users shared to sheets in your account, including their sharing permission levels. This includes external collaborators not found in user management

Generate Reports > Published Items

Creates a report, sending you an email with the report of all published items in your account

Generate Reports > Login History

Creates a report, sending you an email with the report of the last six months of login history for all users in your account

Revoke Access to Items

Remove an email address from sharing on all items in your account. This can be a member of your account or an external collaborator.

Additionally, you can search for users or apply filters using the options at the top-right of user management, and you can sort the user list by name in alphabetically ascending or descending order by selecting the Name & Contact column header.

Search Users