Logging In

Smartsheet is a software as a service (SaaS) platform, meaning that it is completely online. You can login to Smartsheet from any web browser at https://app.smartsheet.com. For easy access, you can bookmark this login page in your browser.

You can also access Smartsheet through the login button at www.smartsheet.com or with the Smartsheet Mobile App on your iOS or Android device.   

Review best practices for how to login and set up your Smartsheet account, including your Personal Profile.

Sign in or sign out of Smartsheet

Looking for the easiest path to log in to Smartsheet? A quick way to find the Smartsheet login page and sign in to Smartsheet is to visit: https://app.smartsheet.com

  1. At the bottom of the login window, next to Smartsheet Region, select the down arrow. 
  2. From the dropdown, select the region you want to use. If you don't have access to a particular region, your credentials will not work. 

To log out of Smartsheet, select Account in the lower left corner of the Smartsheet window, and then select Sign Out.

Understand login options

If you are part of an Enterprise account, the login options you see may vary depending on how your Smartsheet System Admin has configured your login capabilities. A System Admin on an Enterprise account can enable or disable any of these options. For more information, see the Security Controls (Enterprise Only) article.

Log in with your email address and Smartsheet password 

Enter your email address into the Email box and then select Continue.

The page will update to include a password box. Enter the password and then select Log In. If you don't recall the password, click the Reset Password link.

The next time you visit the login screen, you'll be able to enter your email address and password in the same step.

TIP: Check the Keep me logged in box if you want to be logged in automatically each time you visit the login screen. This behavior will persist until you sign out of your account (select Account > Sign Out).

Log in with Google (Gmail or Google Apps) or Microsoft (Office 365 for Business)

If you use a Gmail, Google Apps, or an Office 365 for business email address in Smartsheet, select  Google  or  Microsoft.

If you aren't already logged into Google or Microsoft Office 365, you'll be prompted to provide your account information, and you will also be asked to grant Smartsheet permission to use your credentials if this is your first time using this login method.

You'll then be logged into Smartsheet automatically with the email address on your Google or Microsoft Office 365 for Business account.

Smartsheet doesn't receive or store your Google or Microsoft Office 365 password.

You may be prompted to confirm your email address the first time you use this option.

Log in with Apple

Sign in with Apple allows you to use your Apple ID to sign in to Smartsheet. (For more details, see Sign in with Apple: Frequently Asked Questions.)

Log in with your company account (Enterprise plans only)

A Smartsheet System Admin can enable a single sign-on experience. (For more details, see Manage Authentication Options for an Enterprise Plan.)

If your organization has this capability enabled, you can access Smartsheet using the Your Company Account button.

NOTE: Depending on how the internal single sign-on page is configured, you may be required to enter your login credentials or authentication may happen automatically. After authentication, you'll be directed back to Smartsheet and will be granted access.