Mobile App

The Smartsheet mobile app for iOS and Android allows you real-time access to your Smartsheet data, wherever you are. Whether you're in a meeting or on the go, you can easily update information in the editable grid, track real-time progress on dashboards, and fill out forms to collect data. You can also add photos from your smartphone, view attachments, take action on alerts, scan barcodes, update requests, and submit approvals.

Differences Between the Smartsheet Mobile and Desktop Experiences

With the Smartsheet mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can view and take action on your work while on the go.

Capabilities unique to the mobile apps

There are capabilities that you can only take advantage of from the mobile apps, including:

  • Enter your location in a sheet or form field
  • Take a photo with your device and upload it directly to a sheet
  • Scan a barcode or QR code to search for or update sheet data
  • Access your forms quickly from Home or Recents

See the respective iOS and Android articles for details on the above capabilities and more.

When to use Smartsheet on your desktop

Some sheet and user configuration settings can only be accessed from the desktop browser version of Smartsheet, including:

  • Build automation rules
  • Create and edit sheet filters (although you can toggle a saved filter on or off in the mobile apps)
  • System admin capabilities (managing users in your account)
  • Manage project settings