Mobile App

The Smartsheet mobile app for iOS and Android allows you real-time access to your Smartsheet data, wherever you are. Whether you're in a meeting or on the go, you can easily update information in the editable grid, track real-time progress on dashboards, and fill out forms to collect data. You can also add photos from your smartphone, view attachments, take action on alerts, scan barcodes, update requests, and submit approvals.

Differences between the desktop and mobile apps

With the Smartsheet mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can view and take action on your work while on the go. 

Capabilities unique to the mobile apps

There are many similarities between the mobile and desktop apps, and there are some capabilities that you can only take advantage of from the mobile apps. These include:

  • Using your GPS to enter your location into a sheet or form field
  • Taking a photo with your device, editing it, and uploading it directly to a sheet or form submission
  • Scanning a barcode or QR code to update or search for sheet data
  • Accessing your forms quickly from the Home or Recents screen

With the above features in mind, you can create processes for your team members that work on the go or in the field. For example, your construction team can upload photos of their progress along with a link to their location, or your IT team can use the barcode scanner to take inventory of hardware and other office supplies.

See the respective iOS and Android articles for details on the above capabilities and more.

When to use Smartsheet on your desktop

Although the mobile app is robust, there are some limitations. Use the desktop app if you want to do any of the following:

Create new reports or edit the report builder (once configured, you can edit data in a report from the mobile app)

Follow these instructions to use the Smartsheet for iOS app.