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Manage Your Personal Profile


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A personal profile makes it easier for others to identify who you are as you collaborate in Smartsheet. 

To see someone’s personal profile card

Hover your pointer over their name or email address in the following locations:

  • Contact List columns in the sheet
  • The Sharing form
  • Card View
  • Your Smartsheet Contacts list

Personal Profile Card

    Read on to learn how to customize your personal profile, and control how others see your profile information.

    Add or change your photo and other details

    Aside from your name and email, you can add or edit these details to your personal profile:

    • Profile photo
    • Job title
    • Department
    • Company name
    • Work and mobile phone numbers

    To add or update personal profile details

    1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account
    2. Choose Personal Settings.
    3. In the Personal Settings dialog, select Profile.
    4. Make the desired changes to your profile. 
    5. Select Save.

    Control how others see your personal profile information

    If you're a Business Plan or an Enterprise Plan subscriber, you can set up the privacy of your profile information. You can control whether people from inside or outside your organization can see your photo, profile information, or both.

    To customize your profile visibility

    You can only make changes to your personal profile on the web app. If you're using the Smartsheet mobile app (Android or iOS), sign in to Smartsheet on a desktop browser.

    1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account.
    2. Choose Personal Settings
    3. In the Personal Settings dialog, select Profile
    4. In the Visibility section, select Customize.
      • The Profile Visibility dialog will appear. In this dialog, you’ll see two sections: Inside: [Your organization], and Outside: [Your organization].
    5. In either Inside: [Your organization] or Outside: [Your organization], select or clear these options:
      • Show Photo 
      • Show Details
        Can't select the options? It's likely your System Admin (SysAdmin) has limited or changed profile visibility at the organization level. If that's the case, you won't be able to change these visibility settings. 
    6. Select Save.

    When others see your personal profile card, they’ll see only the level of detail (photo, details, or both) that you specify. Note, however, that your SysAdmin will be able to view your profile information, regardless of your personal settings.

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