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Find your way around Smartsheet

Smartsheet is designed to help you find the information you're looking for quickly.


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The top bar features a clean, bright experience, making the search bar easy to find and use on the right. 

Brandfolder Image
Top Navigation Bar - Search Bar

The left navigation bar is always visible to provide quick access to sheets, reports, and dashboards you need to get to. 

Navigation Bar

You can access the following from the navigation bar: Home, Notifications, Browse, Recents, Favorites, Create, Launcher, Help, and Account. See Access and organize your work from the navigation bar for more details.

Feature bar

When you open a Smartsheet item, the right rail provides easy access tools to help you communicate and share your work.

You can access the following items from the feature bar:

Conversations IconConversations:

Leave comments in a sheet, a specific row in a sheet, or a workspace.

Attachments IconAttachments:

Attach files to a sheet, specific row, or comment; access all attachments from the attachments panel.

Proofs IconProofs:

Create and manage all proofs on your sheet. Quickly review and approve a variety of content.

Brandfolder IconBrandfolder:

Attach assets from Brandfolder to sheets or rows without leaving Smartsheet. Search, filter, and sort to locate assets exactly as you would in Brandfolder.

Update Requests IconUpdate Requests:

Create new update requests and manage pending update requests.

Publish IconPublish:

Publishing a sheet, report, or dashboard generates a unique URL anyone can access without logging in to Smartsheet. Publishing also generates an iframe code you can embed on a website to display the sheet or report.

Activity Log IconActivity Log:

See a list of all changes made to an item, who made them, and when. The Activity Log shows changes such as row deletion, who has viewed the item, and any sharing permission changes.

Summary IconSummary:

Use the sheet summary pane to define, organize, and report information related to your work. You can embed formulas in sheet summary fields to see key metrics every time you open the sheet summary pane. Summary fields can contain data, hyperlinks, images, and more.

RM IconResource Management:

Connecting a project sheet to Resource Management allows you to see how resource changes affect your entire plan. You can also make changes to your plan from the panel. It's a two-step process to use the panel. First, authorize your account (one time only), then connect a project sheet to Resource Management.

Work Insights IconWork Insights:

Analyze and visualize your sheet's data automatically through column snapshots, total new rows added each day/week/month, and the number of rows across two-column values.

Connections IconConnections (Jira, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365):

Connect sheets to Jira, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the Connector Access Navigation button. A popup shows details of any existing connector workflows or the details of all connectors with navigation options, depending on the organization and user license status.

Open an item in a new browser tab (Google Chrome)

  1. Locate the item that you want to open.
  2. Hold down Ctrl+Enter (Windows) OR Command (Mac), then select the item.
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