Have targeted conversations with comments

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Place a comment in a workspace, on a sheet, or on a specific row in a sheet to foster conversation with resources and stakeholders. To address a sheet or row comment to a specific person, you can type @<email address> (for example, @sally.smart@smartsheet.com) in the comment to tag that person. (More on @mentions.)

Required permissions and sharing levels

Anyone with access to the sheet will be able to view or print comments.

Other actions with comments require additional permissions:

  • To create or reply to a comment, you must be the sheet Owner or have Editor- or Admin-level sharing permissions to the sheet.
  • You can edit or delete any comment that you create.
  • The sheet Owner or anyone with Admin-level sharing permissions to the sheet can delete any comment or comment thread.

    IMPORTANT: If you @mention someone who isn't shared to the sheet—and you are the Owner, or have Admin or Editor - Can Share permissions, you'll be prompted to share the sheet, and grant appropriate permissions to them so that they can have access to the comment. (More information on Sharing Permission Levels.)

Interact with comments in Smartsheet 

You can add comments to a workspace, a sheet, or to a specific row (Grid View) or card (Card View).

You’ll start by opening the Comments form. How you open the form will depend on where in Smartsheet you want to use comments.

To access comments from here Do this
A row (Grid View) In the left column, click the Comments icon.
A card (Card View)

Click the Comments icon on the card. 

A sheet Click the Comments button on the right panel.

NOTE: You’ll be able to view any existing sheet comments, row comments, or a summary of both.
A workspace

From the workspace, click the Comments icon in the upper-right portion of the workspace.

NOTE: Here you’ll see comments about the workspace only. To view comments for a specific sheet in the workspace, you’ll need to open the sheet.

On mobile

See the following articles for information on comments in the mobile apps:

Create a new comment or reply to a comment

Once you’ve opened the Comments form, you’ll be able to create new comments or participate in existing conversations:

  • To add a new comment, type in the add comment box and click Post.
  • To reply to an existing comment, click Reply, type your reply, and click Post.
  • To include an attachment with your comment, click the Attachments icon.

How comments are displayed

Comments are displayed in the Comments window in chronological order based on the date they were created or replied to:

  • The most recent comment will appear at the bottom of the Comments window. 
  • Replying to a comment will bring the comment and its replies (the thread) to the top of the form.
  • Replies within a thread will be displayed starting with the oldest reply and ending with the most recent; that is, the most recent reply will appear at the end of the thread.
  • Rows with new comments will have a new comment notification. 
  • You can sort comments in the conversations pane by row, sheet, all, or unread.

Use the Collapse all or Expand all buttons in the Comments form to make navigation easier by collapsing threads that aren’t relevant to what you’re looking for.

Tag people in comments with an @ sign

Type @<email address> to tag someone in a comment. They'll receive a notification that includes a link to the comment so they can quickly find it and respond.


  • If you @mention someone who isn't shared to the sheet—and you are the Owner, an Admin, or shared with Editor - Can Share permissions, you'll be prompted to share the sheet, and give them appropriate permissions, to them so that they can have access to the comment. (More information on Sharing Permission Levels.

  • ​How a person receives the notification will depend on their own notification settings. For information about notification settings, see Configure How You Receive Notifications from Smartsheet.


See unread comments in a conversation

Rows with new comments are marked with a red dot. Open the conversations panel to view comments on the row and clear the notification. 

You can manage new conversations and can see all new comments grouped by row on the unread tab. Select the open envelope button to mark a comment as read and remove the comment indicator from the row.

Email, print, or modify comments

Click the arrow to the right of the comment to open the menu. Select the desired commands to email, print, edit, or delete a comment or comment thread (note that to edit or delete comments you'll need appropriate permissions).

Attach files to comments

To provide more context to a comment, you can include an attachment with it.

To add an attachment

Click the Attachments icon ​to the right of the comment.

You can attach files uploaded from your computer, links to websites, or files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, or Egnyte. (See this help article for more information about these integrations.)

To remove an attachment

  1. From a comment, click the More icon Vertical three dot menu icon next to the comment.
  2. Select Edit comment.
  3. Hover the mouse next to the attachment.
  4. Select​ Delete attachment.