Access Premium Apps and Templates With the Launcher

The Launcher in Smartsheet gives you easy access to premium apps and other resources such as the Smartsheet Solution Center, right from a menu in Smartsheet. You’ll find the Launcher next to the Account menu in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window.

Smartsheet Launcher

When you select an app from the Launcher, it will always open a new browser tab (note that Solution Center will open in the same tab).

If you don't see the apps you expect in the Launcher, see Review, Manage, and Log In to Apps and Integrations Manually. For information about how to obtain Smartsheet premium apps, please contact Smartsheet Sales.

What You Can Access From the Launcher

The following table lists apps and integrations that you’ll be able to open from the Launcher. 

NOTE: You’ll have access to premium apps only if they are included in your plan. For information about how to obtain Smartsheet premium apps, please contact Smartsheet Sales.

App or IntegrationDescription
 Calendar App

Build flexible, customizable, and shareable calendars using your Smartsheet data.

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Control Center

Manage the entire lifecycle of your program and all of the projects and processes that are part of it.

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Provides lookup functionality between sheets and facilitates data consistency.

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Data Uploader

Automatically merge or replace data from a third-party application, such as Excel, into Smartsheet without the need to manually copy and paste.

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Dynamic View

 Share sections of a sheet or report without having to share the source item.

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Pivot App

Summarize and dynamically refresh data that you’ve stored in a sheet or report.

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Solution Center

Explore Smartsheet templates and premium solutions.

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