About the Resource Management panel

Applies to

Resource Management

Connecting a project sheet to Resource Management gives you an easy way to see how resource changes affect your entire plan. You can also make changes to your plan from the panel. 

It’s a two-step process to use the panel. First, authorize your account (one time only), then connect a project sheet to Resource Management

Once the sheet is connected to Resource Management Panel, you can use the panel to see: 

  • People or placeholders assigned to tasks in your Resource Management project 
  • Overall allocation % for assigned users
  • Overall availability for team members assigned to your project 
  • Dates for the overall project and individual assignments.

… and you can make assignment changes from within the panel. 

Smartsheet panel for Resource Management preview

Image of the Resource Management Panel with options to update a project and add, remove or update people and placeholders.

For more information about templates and Workspaces in Smartsheet, see Templates: Create Your Own or Use One from the Solution Center and Workspaces Overview.