Smartsheet for Jira Connector: Overview

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise
Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

You must be a Sysadmin on Smartsheet and Jira to configure the connector. You must be a licensed Smartsheet user to create or edit a workflow. You'll also need a Jira account with access to your Jira project.

Use Smartsheet for Jira to track and manage Jira issues in Smartsheet. Once there's a connection between Smartsheet and Jira (Cloud or self-hosted Server), anyone with the correct permissions can track workflows, monitor progress, and update tickets.

Don’t have Smartsheet for Jira? You’ll find information about how to get it on the Smartsheet for Jira page on our website

Get started with  Smartsheet for Jira

  1. Confirm you meet all the system requirements. You will need a Jira account and a compatible browser.  For information on browser compatibility, see System Requirements and Guidelines for Using Smartsheet.
  2. Get the connector
  3. Log in to and configure the connector. You must be a sysadmin on both Smartsheet and Jira to configure the connector.
    Use an generic account, for example, so you retain access should your admin leave your organization.

For detailed instructions, see: