Connect a project sheet to a 10,000ft Project

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Who can use this capability

To connect a project sheet to a 10,000 ft project plan, you must be a licensed user, the Smartsheet sheet owner or admin, and a 10,000ft project manager or admin

To manage your resources via the Smartsheet panel for 10,000 feet, you must connect your project sheet to your 10,000 feet project plan. 

Connect to a 10,000ft Project

  1. In Smartsheet, create or open a project sheet with dependencies enabled. For more information, see Enable Dependencies and Use Predecessors.
    NOTE: Make sure the required columns have been added to the sheet. You’ll need: Start Date, End Date, Assigned To, and % Allocation columns
  2. Open Project Settings. Ensure you’ve enabled 10,000ft Resource Management and mapped the Assigned Resource and Allocation % columns. For more information, see Modify Project Settings.
    TIP: To easily access Project Settings, select the menu icon Vertical three dot menu icon in the panel, then Edit Project Settings.
  3. Click on the blue balloon icon in the right rail and select Login to 10,000ft to authorize your 10,000ft account. 
  4. Once authorized, use the panel to create a new 10,000ft project or connect to an existing one. Once you've added new project details, or selected an existing project, click Connect.