Use proofing to collaborate on content

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The Owner, Admins, and Editors can add a proof for review.

Note: Any user type (including free users) can review and provide feedback on a proof, however a license is required to upload proofs and request feedback. For more information about user types in Smartsheet, see Account-Level User Types for Multi-User Plans.

With Smartsheet proofs, you and your team can quickly review and approve a variety of content. Use the simple, streamlined proofing process to upload file images, videos, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents, control file versions, request and collect annotated feedback, and get approvals from stakeholders.

With supported file types, there's full integration for previewing and annotation. With unsupported file types, you can still take advantage of Smartsheet's proofing features to manage communication and request updates. 

These are the tasks you can do with proofs you add to a sheet or report: