Define your work with sheet summary

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can add new sheet summary fields, edit field properties, and type in existing locked or unlocked fields.

The sheet Owner, Admins, and Editors can type in existing, unlocked fields. A license is required to add new sheet summary fields, edit field properties, and type in existing locked or unlocked fields.

An Unlicensed Admin can edit unlocked sheet summary fields.

Use the sheet summary pane to define, organize, and report information related to your work. Use the summary fields to enter or review information about the sheet. You can embed formulas in sheet summary fields, allowing you to see key metrics every time you open the sheet summary pane. Summary fields can also contain data, hyperlinks, images, and more. 

You can work with the pane open so you can see the sheet and the summary at the same time. 

Sheet Summary pane open on the right side with icon highlighted


Access the sheet summary pane

  • Select the Summary icon Sheet Summary Icon on the right feature bar.

Create new sheet summary fields

With your sheet summary open:

  1. Select the Add Field button at the bottom of the sheet summary.
  2. Choose the field type for the information you want to display. 
  3. Type a name for your field and select OK. A new, blank field will appear on the sheet summary.
  4. Make other changes (add new fields, edit properties, add a formula to a field).
  5. Select the Save button in the top toolbar of your sheet. 

    You must save the sheet to store your changes. 

You can edit your sheet summary fields at any time. Open the pane and select the More More icon in column header icon to the right of the field you want to change. 

Summary field types

Field type Description
Text/Number Text descriptions, numbers, (for example: project summary, overall budget)
Contact List Display someone from your available contacts (for example: the project manager or a point of contact)
Date An important date (for example: the start or finish date of a project) 
Dropdown List Choose a dropdown option from a custom list (for example: department name, project type, project status)
Checkbox A checkbox that can be checked or unchecked
Symbols* Collections of visual icons (for example: harvey balls, stars, signal bars)

*With boolean symbols (flag, star, and checkbox) write the formula in a text field, then change the field property to the symbol you want to use. 

Sheet summary limits

Sheet summary supports the following:

  • Up to 200 fields (does not count against sheet columns)
  • Field Names up to 50 characters
  • Field values equal to cell sizes
  • Up to 500 dropdown options