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Who can use this capability

Owner, Admin or Editor - Can share, can share sheets and reports.

Overview: Share sheets and reports

Add collaborators to your sheet or report. 


  • Smartsheet
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Owner, Admin or Editor - Can share, can share sheets and reports.

You have the ability to share files with people inside or outside your organization. Share Smartsheet items with users without a Smartsheet account, but what they can do in the file depends on the permissions you granted them. 

To share a sheet or report

  1. You have two ways to begin sharing a sheet or report:
    • Select File > Menu.
    • Select Share in the upper-right area of the screen.

If your sheet or report lives within a workspace, then from the Share button dropdown, you have the option to share the whole workspace or just the specific Smartsheet item. 

Brandfolder Image
Unified share button
  1. In the Invite people and groups field, type the user’s or group’s email address. 
  2. Select the permission level you want to assign to each one.
  3. (Optional) Select Customize message to personalize the message they receive.
Brandfolder Image
Share modal - Customize message view
  1. Select Share.

You can stop sharing an item or change permission levels at any time.

Who can control users' sharing access

There are two user types with the ability to remove a user's access to Smartsheet items shared with them: 

Things to keep in mind

  • When you share a report with somebody, they only see the data from the source sheets they have access to. When collaborators view reports without access to the source sheets, the reports may appear blank or missing information.
  • Sharing a report doesn’t grant access to other sheets. 

When you share reports, ensure you share their source sheets. If you don’t want to share the source sheets, try publishing the report and sharing the link.

Tips on sharing Smartsheet items

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