Change Ownership of a Sheet, Report, or Dashboard

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

If you need to transfer ownership of sheets, reports, or dashboards between people, you can do so for a single Smartsheet item or as a bulk transfer.

Although there isn't a direct option to transfer selective items in bulk, there are steps below to help you transfer multiple items more quickly.

This article discusses transferring ownership of sheets, reports, and dashboards that have been individually shared—even if they're contained in a workspace. If you're looking to transfer ownership of an entire workspace, see Change the Workspace Owner or Remove Collaborators.

Before you begin

Bulk transfer is available only for Business and Enterprise account types. Not sure which plan type you have? See Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type.

Sheets and reports can only be transferred to a licensed Smartsheet user. More information on licensed can be found in the Account-Level User Types for Business and Enterprise Plans help article.

Requirements before you can make the transfer

Make sure that the following requirements are met before you attempt to transfer items:

  • If you need to transfer items that are in a workspace, the new owner must be an admin or owner of the workspace and be shared directly at the item-level instead of at the workspace-level. More information on how you can share Smartsheet items individually is available in the Sharing Sheets, Reports, and Smartsheet dashboards help article.
  • The person you're transferring sheets, reports, or dashboards to must have a paid license.

    NOTE: If you're on a Pro subscription plan and also need to transfer your user license to another account, you can use our instructions to Transfer your Paid Subscription.
  • If you're transferring reports, the person you're transferring them to must have a Business or Enterprise plan.
  • If you're transferring dashboards, the person you're transferring them to must have a Business or Enterprise plan.

Transfer ownership of a single Smartsheet Item

  • All plans can transfer sheets.
  • You can transfer reports or dashboards to anyone with a license on any plan.
  • You cannot transfer items to users with free accounts.

Before you can make someone an owner, they must be shared to the sheet, report, or dashboard. If the item is in a workspace, the new owner must have Admin access to the workspace. See Sharing Items for more information. 

  1. At the top right corner of the sheet, report, or dashboard, select Share. 
  2. In the Collaborators section of the sharing form, scroll to the person you want to make the new owner. 
  3. Hover over their permission settings to reveal the dropdown and then select Make Owner.

You won’t see Make Owner if the new owner is only shared to the workspace. Share them to the specific sheet, dashboard, or report first, then make them the owner. Learn more about sharing

Smartsheet sends an email to the new owner; they can accept or reject the ownership transfer. When they accept the request, you become an Admin on the item. Shared collaborators (if any) remain shared and retain their sharing permission levels. 

If you’re an unlicensed user (your trial has expired or your Sys Admin has revoked your access), there is no verification step for the transfer. 

Transfer multiple items to a single owner 

If you don’t want to transfer everything owned by a specific person but still have a lot of items you need to update ownership for, you can move them to a new workspace, then have the new owner move the items to their sheets folder. 

To move the items: 

  1. Create a workspace. 
  2. Share the intended new owner to the workspace and give them Admin permissions. (See Workspaces Overview for more information on workspaces.)
  3. Drag-and-drop the items into the new workspace. 

To take ownership of the items: 

  1. Browse to the new workspace.
  2. Drag-and-drop the items into your sheets folder. This move gives you ownership of the items.