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Share or Publish Your Report


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Once you’ve built your report, you can share it directly with other team members using the Share button in the top-right corner. You can also publish the report using the Globe icon in the right-toolbar if you want to allow people to see the report without being shared directly to it. 

Reports cannot be edited from a published view. See Publish a Report for more information

Behavior to keep in mind

Reports may appear to be blank or missing information when viewed by other team members

When you share a report to somebody, they will only be able to see data from the source sheets that they are shared to. As a result reports may appear to be blank or missing information when collaborators view the report without having access to the source sheets. Sharing a report does not automatically give access to underlying sheets that haven't already been shared to the collaborator. For more information, see Share Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards

The above also applies if the report is published with Access Control set to Only available to users in the owner’s account. With this setting enabled, viewers of the published report will be required to log in to Smartsheet. The report will then validate the Current User filter if applicable, and it will also validate which source sheets the viewer is shared to.

Published reports may mimic the publisher’s view

A published report with Access Control set to Available to anyone with the link will appear to the viewer with the same information that the publisher can see. It will not validate the Current User filter or accessible sheets against the viewer of the published report. This is important to keep in mind if you don’t have access to all of the underlying source sheets, or if you’ve used a Current User filter in your report.

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