Save and Share Reports

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Share Reports

Once you have created a report you can share it with people on your team. In the upper right corner of the reports you will see a Share button. Copy the available URL from that field and paste into email or document. Your team can use this link to navigate to the report. Only those with a valid 10,000ft login and appropriate permission level are able to view shared reports.

Saved Reports

You can save the settings of the report by clicking the Save button. This action saves the query so you can reproduce the report with new data. You can choose to save the reports either to your Analytics Dashboard or to your Personal Page.

Saved reports

Take note of the Time Frame you set for the report. Choosing one of the predefined time frames will always pull data relative to today (Ex. Last Month, Next Week, Next 90 days). If you want to set a fixed time frame for the report, you should use the Custom Date Range (Ex. August 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018).

You can delete reports by hovering over the report name and clicking the delete icon.

Print or save as PDF

To share reports from 10,000ft with external stakeholders, print or save the report as PDF. Doing so will capture the body of the report (filters will not be in the view) in a presentable format.

To save a report as a PDF:

  1. Create a report

  2. On Mac, use command + p ; or on a PC go to File > Print

  3. All browsers should have the option to View as PDF > Save