Set authentication options for Resource Management

Applies to

Resource Management


Who can use this capability

A Resource Management administrator can manage how people in their account or organization sign in to Resource Management.

Configure how people sign in to Resource Management

You can configure how your team signs in to Resource Management.  

  1. Sign in to Resource Management at
  2. Select Settings and scroll down to Authentication
  3. In the Authentication section, select an authentication option.

There are three different options:

  • Smartsheet authentication
  • Email and password
  • SSO

Available sign-in options

People in your organization sign in to Resource Management using their Smartsheet account credentials. 

To learn more, see Smartsheet Authentication for Resource Management.

To enable Smartsheet Authentication, you must first establish a Smartsheet Integration connection for your account; see Authorize Smartsheet and Resource Management accounts.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

People in your organization sign in using the identity provider configured for Resource Management. When signing in, users first enter their email address and then select the name of the SSO-enabled account to sign in with.

To set up SSO, see Single Sign-On (SSO) for Resource Management.

To use SAML, you'll need to configure your organization's Identity Provider (IdP) to communicate with Smartsheet and add a record to your organization's Domain Name System (DNS). You may need to consult a technical resource at your organization for assistance with this option.