Export Data from Reports

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You can export information out of your account from the Reports page. On the upper right corner in Reports, there is an Export link. Depending on the report you’re running, you will have the option to:

  • Export This Report: exports the metadata from only the data set shown in your report

  • Export Underlying Data to CSV: exports individual time entries and expenses (if applicable) that make up the data set shown in your report.

You can use the export for invoicing, importing into other tools, or for custom reports using pivot tables in Excel.

Exporting for a PivotTable

Exporting from 10,000ft allows you to compile a large list of data.

To answer additional questions, you can create a PivotTable — an interactive table that automatically extracts, organizes, and summarizes your data. You can use this report to analyze the data, make comparisons, detect patterns and relationships, and discover trends.

To create a pivot table:

  1. Prepare the source data by exporting the underlying data as CSV.

  2. Open the .CSV in Excel

  3. Create a PivotTable in a new tab

Pivot table

Customize a PivotTable report or add additional data 

Pivot table 2

View more or fewer categories of data in your pivot table report, by adding or removing a field, including a row, column, or page field.

To add a field, drag a field from the pivot table field List window to the appropriate area on the PivotTable report. To remove a field, drag a field outside the PivotTable report.

NOTE: You can’t directly edit the data in a pivot table report. Instead, you need to edit the source data and then refresh the PivotTable.