Team member management

Team member management

People page overview

The People page shows you everyone in your organization.

Configure people in your organization

Managed Resources

Managed Resources represent things you need for your project.

Set permission levels for people

Learn how Resourcing Admins can set permissions for users in their account.

Import or update multiple people at once

Resource Management provides spreadsheet templates so you can add or update multiple profiles at once.

Configure profile settings

When Resourcing Administrators set up new profiles, it's a good idea to fill in your team member's basic information.

Archive, modify, or delete people

You should archive a person if they leave your company or no longer need access to Resource Management.

Administer and add people

Resourcing Administrators can add people in two places: Account Settings or the Organization Page.

Assign work, bill rates, and roles to people

Assign work to team members in Resource Management

Resource Management has filtering tools that help you find the best person for the work you need to assign based on criteria filtering lo

Configure availability for an individual

The default work week for your organization is set in Account Settings....

Manage bill rates for multiple disciplines and roles

People in resource management can have different bill rates when you utilize project phases.

Create non-billable people

To create a non-billable person, set their utilization target to 0.

Create and manage locations

You can create a list of your office locations, allowing you to associate a person with a location.

Assign roles and disciplines

While individuals may have different roles or disciplines for projects, you can only assign one primary role and discipline per person....