Configure Profile Settings

Applies to

Resource Management

When Administrators set up new profiles, it's a good idea to fill in your team member’s basic information. That way, you can filter on these details in the Schedule and Reports right away. 

Basic profile details:

  • Profile Image: It's nice to see your team's faces, plus, they'll show up on the Organization Page and on the Schedule. A 200 x 200 pixel crop, 300K max, works best.

  • First and Last Name: Enter the first and last name of the person

  • Email: Where a person will receive marketing emails from Resource Management. This is not necessarily their login email. Their login email is the email where they first received an invitation email to join the team’s account. Changing this email after the account has been established will not change the login email. If you need to change the login email, please reach out to support for assistance.

  • Cell Phone and Office phone: Add these details if applicable, so your team knows how to get in touch with this person. This information is visible on the Profile Page to your entire team.

  • Location: select where the person is based.

  • Employee Number: Populate this field if you have internal identifiers for the person and would like this information available on report exports.

  • People Custom Fields: Additional information that adds further business logic to your organization’s account.

Administrator Fields:

  • Availability: Enter details such as a person’s first and last day of work. When people work hours that differ from the normal work days and hours you’ve set in Account Settings, create a part-time availability for them. This will impact the person’s availability on the Schedule.

  • Utilization: This is a fixed number that’s used to compare how the actual utilization compares to the target for this person. The utilization target is shown in its own column in utilization reports and does NOT impact a person’s availability.

  • Bill Rate: You can choose to use a modified bill rate for this person or use the default bill rate for the person based on their discipline & role. This bill rate is pulled from the Bill Rates matrix you built out in Account Settings. Enter $0 if you want this person to appear as Non-Billable.

  • Discipline + Role: This is the team/group (discipline) and the type of work (role) this person does in your organization.

  • Approval Workflow: Select who will approve time and/or expenses for this person.  

  • People Tags: Populate tags you create in Account Settings here, or create new tags for people.

NOTE: Contractors are unable to edit their profile.