Configure Availability for an Individual

Applies to

Resource Management


Who can use this capability

You must have Administrator-level permissions to add or update user profile information.

The default work week for your organization is set in Account Settings. This default work week informs the allocation % target on the schedule so you can schedule your team for 100% of their available time. For example, 40 hours a week would be 100% allocation.

Administrators can add or update availability information for people who don't use the default work week.

To set availability for a specific person:

  1. Go to Settings Account Settings and click People.
  2. Click the name of the individual and make adjustments in the Availability section.

Availability window

Only assignments created or modified after you set part-time availability setting are affected; you may need to modify existing assignments to reflect updated availability Prior assignments will still show full time availability. 

If a person has zero hours available on any given day, that day is considered a non-working day. Assignments that overlap with a non-working day are removed from timesheet suggestions and do not count towards the project budget in reports

Time suggestions (unconfirmed hours) will not be scheduled if a person is unavailable.

Set first and last days of work

Team members are considered unavailable before their first day of work and after their last day of work. 

To set a first and last day for work:

  1. Go to the People page and select Edit Profile
  2. In the Availability section, enter a first and last day for work. 

Set  permanent part-time availability

For people who have availability that differs from the default settings: 

  1. Open the profile of the person whose availability needs adjustment by navigating to Account Settings > People.
  2. Click the Add part-time availability button in the person’s profile.
  3. In the Start Date and End Date boxes, set the dates: enter the start and end dates to indicate when the working duration will differ from the default work week for your organization. 

If the individual will have part-time availability for an indefinite amount of time, leave the End Date box empty.

Set a temporary part-time availability

If a person is temporarily unavailable during a specific period of time, set a part-time availability block in their profile:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > People.
  2. Click the Add part-time availability button in the person’s profile.
  3. In the Start Date box, select the first day you want them to show as unavailable and in the End Date box, select the date for the last day they will be unavailable. 
  4. In the Monday – Sunday boxes for this part-time block, type 0.

Resource Managementwill show this person is no longer available.