Add/Update People

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10,000ft account admins can add people and update multiple profiles with a CSV import.

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > People
  2. Select Add/Update People
  3. Select Export people list to download your user list
  4. Using a spreadsheet program, update details in the CSV
    • To create a new user, fill in the columns with their information. Leave the User ID column blank — an ID will be generated when you upload the list. 
    • To edit profile data for an existing user, update the columns you'd like to change but don't edit the User ID.
    • Other details to note:
      • First name or email, permission level, and license type are required. All other fields are optional.
      • Permission levels and license type must exactly match how they’re defined in 10,000ft.
      • You can create new roles, disciplines and locations in this spreadsheet. 
      • Custom field values entered in this sheet must match available options in Account Settings > People Custom Fields.
  1. From the Add/Update People page in your Account Settings, select your updated CSV file
  2. If you'd like to send an account invite to all newly imported and/or updated Licensed Users, check the box.
  3. Click the Upload button.

You can navigate away from the page once the upload starts (the import will run in the background) and you'll receive an email when it's complete. If there were any errors during the import, we'll include a link to the status page where you can download a list of errors with directions on how to fix them.