Archive, Modify, or Delete People

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

When someone leaves your company, or they no longer need access to 10,000ft, you should archive that person.

Archiving People

Both Licensed Users and Managed Resources can be Archived if desired.

Archiving People does the following:

  • Removes the person from accessing 10,000ft

  • Removes the person from the list of team members on your Organization Page

  • Removes the person from the Schedule

Assignments for the archived person remain on the Project Page so a project manager can reassign the hours to another person or placeholder if there is outstanding work scheduled in the future.

All historic data for the archived person is saved in the tool.

You can see a list of archived people in the People section of Account Settings. Anytime you archive someone, that individual no longer counts towards the number of Licensed Users or Managed Resources in your account.

If you regularly have contractors or temporary people who work for your organization, we recommend that you invite temporary people into your account at a Contractor permission level and set the start and end date for the person under the Availability section in their personal profile. When the temporary employee is finished with the project, you can archive them in Account Settings to revoke their access to 10,000ft. You may have a rotating group of contractor seats available in 10,000ft that you use to give temporary access to contractors and vendors on a per-project basis.

Change a Licensed User to a Managed Resource

If someone is a Licensed User in your account and you would like to move their profile to a Managed Resource level, you can click on their name within the Licensed Users list and select "Change to Managed Resource".

Deleting People

There are scenarios where you may want to delete a user from your account. Once a person’s profile is deleted, all data associated with that person will be deleted from 10,000ft and cannot be restored.

To delete a person:

  1. To delete users, first you must Archive the person in their profile or from the Account Settings.

  2. Then you need to navigate to the People section in Account Settings and find their name.

  3. Select their name to go to their profile (the green text indicates a link)

  4. Once you are in their profile settings, you will see the button to delete their profile at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Do this with caution, it cannot be undone.

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