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Clicking on your Company Name in the black navigation bar directs you to your People Page. Here, you can visualize the entire team across your organization.

By clicking on any of the team members on this page, you can access that person’s information via the Personal Page. You can also organize your page to display the status and individual information you need for your team.

From the People page, you can:

  • Filter to find specific team members based on: Status, Discipline, Role, Location, Custom Fields and other attributes

  • Edit and sort the visible columns in the List View

  • Create personal Saved Views (all permission levels), or Shared Saved Views that are accessible across the organization (Administrators only)


List View

The List View allows you to view your information in a table format. Here, you can:

  • Edit what columns are shown

  • Sort people by any displayed column

To edit the current view, select the List View icon and choose which columns you want to include. Clicking on a column label at the top of the column will sort the project list alphabetically or numerically.

Saved Views

Saved Views provide a way to quickly display the team information that matters most to you and your organization.

To save a view for yourself, select + Save Current View under My Views. You can edit your Saved Views by saving the updated view by the same name.

Administrators can also create Shared Saved Views, which are accessible by anyone in your organization who has access to the People page.

When used with Custom Fields, Saved Views can help highlight individual skills, certifications, and organizational structure of your team.