Resource Management account management

Resource Management account management

Getting started with Resource Management

Personal page overview

The personal page is a dashboard for your projects, work, time, and expenses.

Apply custom branding to your account

With custom branding, you can replace the Resource Management logo in the upper left corner of the navigation bar of the Resource Managem

Resource Management: User licenses and subscriptions

Resource Management has two types of users: Licensed Users and Managed Resources.

Set up your account

This guide covers setting up your Resource Management account.

Update account settings

Switch between multiple Resource Management accounts

Navigate between multiple licensed accounts with a single click.

Merge or deconsolidate Resource Management accounts

Each scenario has advantages and disadvantages. Project Editors and higher can see everyone in a plan and assign work to any of those people....

Change your Resource Management account owner

The account owner is the primary contact with Smartsheet and receives updates and alerts from Smartsheet....

Update login email

Use the following steps to update the login email address of a person or multiple people.


FAQ: Using Smartsheet for Resource Management authentication

Here are some answers to common questions around setting up

Set authentication options for Resource Management

Users can sign into Smartsheet using SSO, email and password, or Smartsheet authentication.

Single sign on (SSO) for Resource Management

Use Single sign on (SSO) for password management and user provisioning and to ensure people are securely logging in to your account.