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Open configuration options

Switch between multiple Resource Management accounts

Navigate between multiple licensed accounts with a single click.


Open configuration options

Use Resource Management login to switch accounts

If you have multiple Resource Management accounts, you'll see a down arrow to the right of the Resource Management logo or next to your organization’s custom-branded logo in the top navigation bar. The down arrow doesn't appear if you only have one account or access your account from a mobile device.

Switch between multiple accounts

  1. Select the down arrow to the right of the Resource Management logo.
  2. Select the account that you want to use.

Information in each account is secure and independent, so you'll need to switch accounts to see data from another account. You can't see information across accounts—this includes reporting or seeing people from other accounts on the schedule.


Using a saved Resource Management URL won't automatically switch your account. To view a shared link in your organization with saved filters applied, you'll need to switch to the appropriate account. Each account has separate custom attributes, account settings, and user provisioning.


SSO and Non-SSO accounts

You'll only see accounts of the same login type in the dropdown list. You can switch from one SSO account to another SSO account or from one non-SSO account to another non-SSO account, but you can't switch from an SSO account to a non-SSO account. 

For SSO (single sign-on) accounts, you'll be directed to your provider’s authentication page before accessing Resource Management.

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