Resource Management: User licenses and subscriptions

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Resource Management

Resource Management has two types of users: Licensed Users and Managed Resources.

Licensed Users

Licensed Users can log in and access the product. 

Depending on their permission level, licensed users can have varying levels of access to track and/or approve time, plan projects, manage staffing and schedule, add or modify user profiles, and report on resource management data. Only Licensed Users have the ability to track time on projects.

Managed Resources

Managed Resources cannot log in and access the product.

Managed Resources are simply the people that you assign to projects and manage their overall resourcing schedule. Managed Resources don’t have the ability to track time or access any resource management data. Even without login access, it is helpful to have people in your organization added as Managed Resources because it centralizes your talent pool so you can better answer questions like what projects are people working on? Who is over-capacity? Who is available? What skills do we need to hire? Who is on PTO? And many more!

You can also create resources to represent meeting rooms or equipment.

Change your subscription

Licensed Users and Managed Resources are sold in separate amounts. Your current subscription levels are shown on the People tab of Account Settings. If you need to adjust how many of each license type you are paying for you, you can contact us to discuss changes to your current subscription.

Here’s how to make a change to your current subscription:

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Billing
  2. Click Modify Plan.
  3. Complete the form.