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Resource Management


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Resourcing Administrators can change account subscriptions.

Resource Management: User licenses and subscriptions

Resource Management has two types of users: Licensed Users and Managed Resources.


  • Resource Management


Resourcing Administrators can change account subscriptions.

Licensed users

Licensed Users can log in and access Resource Management.

Depending on their permission level, licensed users can have varying levels of access to track and/or approve time, plan projects, manage staffing and schedule, add or modify user profiles, and report on resource management data.

Only Licensed Users can track time on projects.

Managed Resources

Managed Resources are the people (or other assets, like conference rooms or equipment) you assign to projects and manage their overall schedule. Managed Resources can be assigned skills, roles, disciplines, and be fully tracked in the same way licensed users are. However, Managed Resources cannot access Resource Management.

Unmanaged Resources

Unmanaged Resources are user accounts created for users assigned work via Smartsheet's Workload Tracking feature who are not already licensed users or Managed Resources. Unmanaged Resources do not have access to log into Resource Management. These profiles are free, and they are created for: 

  1. The creator of the project plan sheet
  2. Smartsheet users assigned work in the sheet
  3. Licensed users shared to the sheet at Editor or above when they open the Resource Management Panel

Once Unmanaged Resource profiles are created, each person's availability and allocation can be tracked on the Workload Schedule and Workload Heatmap. Learn more about Unmanaged Resources

Change your subscription

Licensed users and Managed Resources are sold in separate amounts. Your current subscription levels appear on the People tab of Account Settings

To make a change to your current subscription:

  1. Go to Settings, then Account Settings 
  2. Select Billing
  3. Select Modify Plan
  4. Complete the form
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