Apps and Integrations

Apps and Integrations

Best Practices for using Smartsheet to connect Jira & Resource Management

How to use Smartsheet to connect Jira and Resource Management

Connect applications with Zapier integration

Explore connecting your business tools through Zapier.

Integration FAQs

Integrating with Resource Management is possible through our public API.

Integration comparison

Once you’re ready to integrate a new workflow into Resource Management, you'll figure out which method is right for your needs.

Integrate Resource Management with APIs

Integrating with Resource Management is possible through our public API.

Export to QuickBooks

You can export your data from Resource Management for use in QuickBooks (for PC desktop, only).

Where to find Resource Management API documentation

Developers working with the API will need to review the API documentation for more information....

Enable calendar subscriptions

Calendar subscriptions enable your team to see all their Resource Management assignments on their calendar without a custom API integrati

Resource Management Panel by Smartsheet

Sync Resource Management assignments with Smartsheet

You can modify assignments directly in Resource Management and have those changes automatically update the associated sheet rows in Smart

Troubleshooting Resource Management panel sync errors

If there are sync issues between Smartsheet and the Resource Management panel, you may see one of the error messages listed below.

Troubleshoot Resource Management panel connection

If there are connection issues between Resource Management and Smartsheet, try the possible options below to resolve the issues.