Enable Calendar Subscriptions with APIs

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

Our calendar subscription feature enables your team to see all their 10,000ft assignments on their calendar, without having to build a custom API integration.

Calendar subscriptions are a one-way sync from 10,000ft to your calendar, so any changes you make on your calendar will not be reflected in 10,000ft.

The subscription URL will automatically populate the calendar with your assignments from seven days in the past through thirty days in the future.

Assignments will populate to your calendar as private, all-day events that don’t block any time on your calendar. These calendar events populate the following information from 10,000ft:

  • Project name

  • Phase name

  • Assignment (Work Item) name

  • Assignment dates

  • Client Name

  • Allocation

  • Assignment description

  • Count of Assignment Subtasks 9Completed, remaining, and total)

Calendar Subscription setup

To set up calendar subscriptions, an account administrator first needs to enable the feature for your organization. Administrators will find the option to enable or disable calendar subscriptions at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

Calendar account settings

When this feature is enabled for the account, team members can then individually enable calendar subscriptions from the My Preferences page.

Calendar enable


Clicking the Enable button generates a calendar subscription URL. Team members can use this URL to automatically sync their 10,000ft assignments with their calendar client, like Google Calendar, Outlook.com, or Apple iCloud.

This is a public URL, if you share this link with someone else, they will also be able to use it to view your 10,000ft assignments. If you think you may have accidentally shared this link with someone who should not have access, you can easily generate a new link by clicking the Reset URL button. If you reset your URL you will need to reconnect your preferred client with the new URL.

Calendar subscription link


Adding your Calendar Subscription to your preferred calendar

To add your 10,000ft calendar subscription to your personal calendar, copy your subscription URL and use the steps outlined below for your calendar client.

Here's how the assignment information from 10,000ft displays on Apple iOS and Google Calendar:

Calendar preview

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