Integration FAQs

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

I need help building my integration. What should I do?

We’re always happy to answer questions about our integration options. If you’re looking for more hands-on assistance, we’d recommend contacting your account representative to discuss the possibility of having our consulting services team help you build something.

Will you be building more Zapier Zaps?

Yes. We're working on more templates in Zapier to allow for more complex Zapier integrations. We'd love to hear which Zapier templates you'd find more helpful.

Does the 10,000ft API support webhooks?

10,000ft does support webhooks which you can read about in our new updated documentation located here.

Can I access 10,000ft Reports Data via the API?

Yes. The Reports API is perhaps one of the most powerful endpoints, as it allows you to pull all the data from 10,000ft reports. This includes calculations like Utilization %. You can review the documentation for the Reports API here.

Can I update Bill Rates using the API?

We're calling this question out specifically because the API actually allows more functionality than is allowed in the 10,000ft UI. For example, teams often want to update project bill rates based on annual salary increases or project rate increases. If you need to update all of your bill rates part-way through a project, you can use the API to add bill rate start and end dates to more quickly make this change.

Can I copy my data from the 10,000ft Production Environment into the Development Staging Environment?

An engineer on your side can script to copy the data between the 10,000ft Production Environment ( the Development Staging Environment ( . We don’t offer support in making a copy of your production data to use on staging.

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