Troubleshooting Resource Managment panel sync errors

Applies to

Resource Management

If there are issues in syncing assignments, the panel will show one of the following error messages: 

Errors syncing to sheet. Review activity or update panel to override failed changes. 

To fix this error, review the list of unsupported actions in Smartsheet that can cause syncing errors. Make your changes, then retry the sync. 

Here’s an example of why you might see this error. 

When you edit dates for a person assigned to a parent row, the update will fail. Parent rows in Smartsheet are not editable.  

To fix this error: 

  1. In the Resource Management panel, under the project timeline, select View Activity
  2. Review your updates. For this example, you’ll look for updates made in Resource Management. Double-check against the unsupported actions list to see if changes you made might be unsupported
  3. Look for the update you made in Resource Management. 
  4. Manually adjust the data in Smartsheet to match the change you made in Resource Management


    Select Update All/Update in the Resource Management panel to revert your changes. When you select Update All / Update, the panel will sync Smartsheet data to Resource Management and override any errors.

Errors syncing to Resource Management. Review failures in panel and retry. 

Network or system errors can interrupt sync to Resource Management. Select Retry in the panel and make sure your network is online.  If your network is active and retry still doesn’t sync, you can submit a support ticket