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Resource Management


Who can use this capability

  • System Admin

Configure your Resource Management login for Workload Tracking

In order to use the Workload Tracking features, you must have Smartsheet Authentication activated for Resource Management or a Business or Enterprise Smartsheet plan. 


  • Resource Management
  • Smartsheet


  • System Admin

You must be a Resourcing Admin on Resource Management and a System Admin on Smartsheet to configure Smartsheet Authentication for Resource Management.

In order to use the Workload Tracking features, you must have Smartsheet Authentication for Resource Management activated

Resource Management user creation from sheet

To provide a seamless experience for users of workload tracking, free Resource Management profiles are created for users that do not already have a profile in Resource Management. The free Resource Management profiles are called Limited Resources. Limited Resource profiles are created for: 

  1. The creator of the project plan sheet
  2. Smartsheet users assigned work in the sheet
  3. Licensed users shared to the sheet at Editor or above when they open the Resource Management Panel

Once Limited Resource profiles are created, each person’s availability and allocation can be tracked. This helps to provide project managers with early warning when someone assigned work on their project is overallocated. 

If you or any users already have a profile in Resource Management, you will not have a Limited Resource profile created and assigned work will be associated with your existing profile. 

Simplified Resource Management Panel setup

When you activate workload tracking, Smartsheet automatically configures the additional needed columns to make a sheet a project sheet using Resource Management in the background. 

Once workload tracking is activated, the Resource Management panel shows a workload heatmap that highlights over-allocation. Expand the workload heatmap into a full screen workload schedule to see over-allocation conditions in detail. Learn more about the workload heatmap and workload schedule

Single login experience

Once Sign on with Smartsheet is active, you are automatically logged into Resource Management whenever you login to Smartsheet or any other premium app. 

Also, when you turn on workload tracking for a project plan sheet, you are automatically logged into the Resource Management Panel. 

Utilize Smartsheet sharing for Project membership

When an Resource Management project is connected to a sheet, project membership will be based on the sheet sharing list. This enables project managers to define access in a single location instead of having to manually update access in two places. For this change:

  1. Sheet collaborators shared at Editor - Cannot Share or above will have membership to the project. Collaborators at Commenter and below will not have membership. 
  2. Existing project members are added as sheet collaborators, if they’re not already shared to the sheet
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