Anatomy of an Asset

Anatomy of an Asset

Asset descriptions

The asset description is a free form text box in the asset module where you can keep additional notes about the asset.

Asset thumbnails

Asset thumbnails The top attachment will automatically be chosen for the asset thumbnail....

Asset types

An asset type must be selected when creating sections for assets to live within. Brandfolder has 7 different types of assets.

Crop assets

Users have the ability to crop a file based on preset custom dimensions, preset social media dimensions or with a free form box....

Edit assets

What edits can I make to an asset?

Asset history log

Brandfolder’s Asset History Log displays updates made to an asset over the previous 180 days.

File types

Below is a table of allowable conversions

Enable 360 viewer

Brandfolder assets support a 360 viewer experience, which is great for showcasing all angles of a product.

Merge Assets

How do I add multiple attachments to an asset?...

Asset History

Simply open the asset modal window (by clicking on any asset) and the asset history will be displayed beneath the preview....

The anatomy of the asset modal

Learn about the different tabs within the asset modal. 

Comments and annotations

Comments and annotations on assets help users communicate within a specific asset module.

Duplicate detection

Duplicate detection is a feature that prevents you from having two identical files within your Brandfolder.

Convert and resize

Dependent custom fields allow you to build out one level of a cascading relationship between custom fields.