Applies to

  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Administrators can define what types of assets can be uploaded to the platform.

Asset types

An asset type must be selected when creating sections for assets to live within. Brandfolder has 7 different types of assets.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Administrators can define what types of assets can be uploaded to the platform.

When creating sections for assets to live within, an asset type must be selected. Brandfolder has seven different types of assets. 


This includes assets such as images, videos, etc. 



Can be utilized for headshots for team members.

A people section of assets that includes 3 headshots.

External Media 

Links to external sources like Youtube videos, Google slides, etc.


Great for mission/vision statements, brand standards, customer testimonials, text assets to choose from in a template, etc.

Text/Information assets will not include asset thumbnails but will automatically reveal the text instead.

An information section with text assets include a blurb about Banff.


Links to outside websites, press releases, etc.

Press/Links asset types will not automatically generate a thumbnail. You can create a thumbnail for these assets by navigating to the Edit tab in the asset modal. Then select Advanced, and the option to upload a custom asset thumbnail will appear.

A press link section with thumbnails that were manually added,

Web Fonts

A place for your brands web fonts. 

For uploading raw font files, you will want to upload them into a section that hosts file asset types, not a web font section. Web font type sections are strictly for linking to external web fonts. 

A fonts section with a preview for the circular font.


Input your brand's colors using HEX, RGB, or CMYK

A colors section with 3 color assets including sandy beach peach, explorer black, and dusty sunset grey.

What does not count as an asset?

  • The links you put in under the name of your Brandfolder are not counted as assets. Feel free to link to as many related websites and social profiles as possible!
  • Different file formats of an asset added as an attachment do not count against your asset count. For example, if you add a logo and then include additional file formats as attachments to that logo, they do not count against your asset count. 
  • Our Brandfolder has 74 assets. As you can see, we have multiple versions of our logos stacked together and 11 links up top, neither of which are included in the 74 assets.


To move assets, the same asset type must exist in another section. For example, if you want to move colors, you must have another section that houses color asset types. You can't move a color asset into a section that houses the file asset type. If you attempt to move an asset without another section that houses that asset type, you will receive a message stating, Unable to move this asset within this Brandfolder. There are no eligible sections to receive these assets. 



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